ahealthylifeWelcome to our Wellness site! Let’s Work Together to Get Healthy! White Sulphur teachers want to work together with you to help get our kids healthy. Obesity is one of our children’s greatest health problems. A lot of things have helped cause the problem – together we can help our kids get the exercise and good food they need to be fit and slender.

Family Advice

If you will look on each of the tabs at top, you will find helpful advice. Nutrition, exercise – we’ve found some awesome links to look over. If you want to ask our nurse, “Nurse Betsy” a question, use the Contact button.

After School Play
The Wellness Club will meet on Thursday afternoons after school, from 2:30 to 3:15. The students and staff will be doing fun activities including running, walking, relays, etc. Join us!

Upcoming Events


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